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Refund Policy

I do honour requests for refunds on the following grounds:

1. Non-Delivery of Services: In the unlikely event that you do not receive a plan of action as described in the service contract that you signed, Mari Marketing will issue you a full refund accordingly within (30) days of such occurrence. 

2. Money-Back Guarantee: I will generously offer you a money back guarantee if your Amazon seller account or product listing is not reinstated and all the contractual obligations have been 100 percent met. Please be advised that the money-back guarantee is provided on a case-by-case basis. In addition, the money back guarantee is subject to certain stipulations that must be met by you in order to qualify for the full return of your payment as mentioned above. These stipulations will be in the contract you receive prior to using my services and will be discussed with you in full detail should the money-back guarantee be provided to you.

I am always eager to assist you and to deliver highly professional support in a timely manner.

Contact me at the following email for any refund issues or questions you may have:


Please allow up to (24) hours for me to respond. Thank you.